Month: July 2015


In Celebration of the Mighty Salmon

Salmon fishing in Bodega Bay has been slow this season. Really slow. It’s evident for us here in at Peter Lowell’s when the menu continues to feature Salmon from Alaska with the occasional appearance of Bodega Bay Salmon tartare with crème fraîche & dill. Friends that head north every summer to work the fishing boats in Alaska are also returning home with stories of lack – not as much fish means not as much fishing means not as much pay. A typical month of Salmon fishing in Alaska could garner $12,000 easily and crews are coming home with half of that.

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An Invitation…

As a server at Peter Lowells restaurant for the past two years, I’ve fantasized often about writing a blog inspired by the workplace. In that fantasy, I’m sharing the myriad stories of the ridiculously silly and playful antics that go on behind the scenes amongst our staff. At PLs, well, we’re a family — we work hard and have a lot of fun doing it, most of the time. The blog fantasy became a creative reality two months ago when I sat down to breakfast with the owner and proprietor of PLs, Lowell Sheldon and his partner in life and in work, Natalie Goble. The two of the them have recently given birth to a baby boy called Jack and so in between responding to Jacks various requests for food, burping, diaper change, being rocked or sang to… the three of us began to talk about How We Were Challenging Ourselves to Evolve. When I say ‘We’, I mean the living, breathing organism of the restaurant.