Month: August 2015

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Summertime Seared Salmon with Tomato Peach Salad

There’s a lot to be excited about midsummer at Peter Lowells. Beautiful bright produce abounds, overflowing our walk-in and pantry. This is the season for California king salmon. Many folks don’t even realize there is a season for salmon, but the freshly caught fish is nothing like its pale, bland, farmed look-alike that’s available year round. The color of the flesh is closer to that of a perfectly ripe early girl tomato. It’s flavor more like a burst of sea. The simplest way to enjoy this magnificent fish is seared to medium rare, it’s skin golden and crispy, it’s flesh succulent and flavorful. It can be served over simply roasted summer vegetables with a little salt and a drizzle of good olive oil, or over a tomato and peach salad tossed with a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of balsamic. Nothing says summer on the west coast quite like king salmon. Seared king salmon with tomato and peach salad Here are some things to keep in mind: Pick the freshest fish you can find. …


Farming the Land & Building Community with the Bohemian Farmers Collective

When Peter Lowell’s opened in 2007 is was a mostly Vegetarian restaurant with a side of Veganism and Pescatarianism. Over the past 8 years, the menu has continued to evolve and now is highly omnivorous. Given Sonoma County’s affinity for animal husbandry – the community has responded favorably to this shift with only the occasional tiny rebellion.   Throughout it all, one of the dishes that as been on the menu since day one & has maintained its popularity, is the hearty and flavorful Gemischter Salat.   Delicate spicy greens, toasted pepitas, thinly sliced radish & beet all dressed in a roasted beet vinaigrette and finished with goat chevre – what’s not to love? While most can’t pronounce the name of this salad, they continue to order it with dedication and joy, often without even a sideways glance at the escarole Caesar or farm lettuces. It is for this reason, that we take a moment to share the story of this salad. For starters, Gemischter is a German word that means ‘mixed’ and Salat translates to ‘salad’ …


The Gemischter Salat

This salad is a complete expression of Peter Lowell’s Restaurant.  Its story begins in Germany and goes like this. While living in an old brick farmhouse outside of Hamburg, I experienced what I have come to believe was the perfect expression of the German salad. Prepared daily by Christina Debes, the farmhouse matriarch, it consisted of broken buttermilk dressing with summer savory, feta, tomato and pumpkin seeds over, of course, butter lettuces. Thinking back to the flavor of this salad, I don’t know if the dressing had any vinegar in it and this suits my pallet just fine. Growing up my parents always made tart balsamic vinaigrette with too much garlic and not enough salt. For me this German salad sits at the top of all lettuce-based salads in my memory bank (the panzanella is bar none as well).  Added to this is the prototypical German salad served at Suppenkuche in SF – it’s an amazing salad, but not an amazingly good salad. It’s a huge mixed German Salad with cabbage, carrots, beets, potato salad …