Month: September 2015


The Best Chicken in Town

It’s 12:30pm in the afternoon at Peter Lowell’s on a Monday when I finally have the opportunity to sit down with our Head Chef, Joe Zobel, to talk chicken.  Yes, CHICKEN — personally, one of my most favorite foods (when done right) and one that Joe features regularly on the menu at PL’s.  A native of New Mexico, Joe has been based out of the North Bay area for the past decade.  He attended culinary school in San Francisco, worked for a number of talented chefs, and met the woman he would later marry.  Looking to get out of the SF grind, he took a job as Head Chef at a new Sonoma County restaurant.  Although the job didn’t turn out to be the dream job that it appeared to be, he was hooked on the lifestyle of sun, local farms, ranches, and wineries.  After working there for a year and with a baby on the way, his interest was piqued when he learned that Peter Lowell’s was searching for a Chef de Cuisine to …