Month: October 2015


Handline Ceviche

Classic Ceviche (serves 6-8) Here in warm Autumnal California, we look for ways to use up the last of the abundant tomato and pepper harvest we’ve had this year.  This dish is a simple version of classic Mexican ceviche. It is a refreshing and satisfying way to really showcase beautiful fresh fish. To this end, always use the freshest fish you can find which will ensure superior flavor and texture. Give the fish ample time to marinate as this will allow it to ‘cook’ in the lime juice. Also, never skip the second marination as this allows the dish to develop complexity of flavor. Great paired with your favorite crisp lager on a summer day. 2 pounds rockfish fillet, cleaned 4 limes, zest and juice ½ red onion, finely diced 2 jalapenos, diced, seeds removed 1 bunch cilantro, chopped salt ½ T agave nectar 2 ripe medium sized tomatoes, diced 1 bag tortilla chips cut the rockfish into 1/4 inch cubes add the zest of 2 limes and the juice of 4.  cover with plastic wrap …


PL’s 8th Anniversary Farm Dinner

After the Peter Lowell’s staff spent a full day out at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center participating in a team-building day-long immersion, we spent the following day celebrating not only the rigorous interpersonal work we’d done but also the 8 year-long arc of the restaurant’s success.  We were feasted with handmade El Molino Central tortillas, slow roasted pig and Steelhead fish, stewed black beans & crispy slaw prepared by our chefs Joe Zobel & Natalie Goble.  We sipped on Ghostwriter Chardonnay and Folk Machine Pinot Noir — both in the family of Hobo Wines in Santa Rosa, and fun was had by all!  


Ryme Cellars Finds a New Home Amongst Friends

Last month, I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Ryme Cellars Winemakers, Ryan and Megan Glaab, at their winery just north of Healdsburg, CA. With the early grape harvest that hot & dry California weather delivered this year, winemakers all over the state have been racing to harvest and press the grapes before the late summer sun made raisins of the fruit. It was amidst such a flurry of grape pressing that Lowell Sheldon, of Peter Lowell’s Restaurant, and I arrived on the scene. All parties were hard at work, checking temperatures, tasting the pressed juice, and standing on the lip of the grape vats pressing the grapes by hand with a long metal instruments. There was much to do, yet none were too busy to welcome us warmly; a generosity of spirit often found amongst people who do what they love for a living. To tell Ryme Cellars’s story is to share a bit about love. Ryan and Megan met and fell in love while working for Australia’s Torbreck Winery, and while …