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Beans and Greens. The Every Meal.

At Peter Lowell’s we believe farm to table restaurants can be more than places for culinary innovation. We believe they should also model new, pleasurable, and healthy ways to eat every day. We look to the dishes that are so simple and delicious we can enjoy them day in and day out; dishes that are inspiring and easy to cook.  It is the focus of how we cook.

Bean and Greens is the perfect example of this philosophy. Beans have that quality about them. When perfectly cooked with the correct seasoning, they are both incredibly pleasurable and exceedingly healthy. Add to that a braised green such as chard or rapini and you have a perfectly balance meal. We prepare this dish in a traditional Italian style with toasted garlic and chili flakes, but it can be prepared with inspiration from many cultures and be equally as delicious. Try a Japanesee miso or ponzu sauce. Indian curry spices. Mexican chorizo and cotija. If your beans are fresh and tender (check out our post about how to cook the perfect bean!), your greens blanched to perfection and cultural additions correct, the dish is bound to be a hit.


4 cups seasoned lentil, cannellini, or garbanzo beans
2 bunches kale, chard, collards (de-stemmed and torn)
2 T minced garlic
1 t chili flake
1/3 cup evoo with a touch for finishing
salt and pepper to taste
1/3 cup finely grated parmigiano
4 T bread crumbs (toasted old bread till dry, then crushed to crumbs in blender or kitchen aid).


In a large Le Creuset or other thick-bottomed pot add 1/3 cup evoo and garlic. Toast till golden brown. Add chili flakes, the beans and their juice and continue cooking till all ingredients are hot.  Then add all torn greens and turn with tongs. Add ½ cup water and cover till greens are soft and fully wilted. Add more water as needed.  Add salt and cracked pepper and stir to get consistency throughout. Make sure there is a good amount of liquid in pot. Remove from heat, removing greens first into a serving bowl, then scoop out the beans. Pour desired amount of liquid from pot over the top. Finish with parmigiano, bread crumbs and evoo. Serve immediately.


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