Month: July 2016


Handline Fisherman’s Stew

Cioppino originated in San Francisco as a one-pot meal enjoyed by fishermen at the end of a long day on the water hauling in the day’s catch. Typically it consisted of whatever the fishermen had on hand, including Dungeness crab, squid, mussels and clams. The stew is inspired by a traditional Italian fish stew, its broth is a base of wine, tomato and the briny liquid released by shellfish as they are cooked. I like to use a crisp, dry white wine, which gives the soup a bit of a lift, making it versatile enough for a warm winter day (of which we have plenty here in Northern California) or a cold, stormy winter night. Last year was a really terrible year for Dungeness crab fisheries due to a huge algae bloom off the Northern California coast, raising the levels of domoic acid in crab to unsafe levels for human consumption and resulting in an extended season closure. The catastrophic implications this has for the fisherman is a vivid example of the importance of the …