The Tale of the Humble French Fry

Two summers ago, Handline participated for the first time as a vendor at the Gravenstein Apple Fair, our little town’s vibrant celebration of its most beloved fruit. We had set our sights on a hopeful, perhaps slightly unrealistic, goal of an early summer opening for the restaurant; however, midsummer was already upon us and we were still in the final phases of construction. This meant that preparing for our debut at the fair was going to bring a unique set of challenges. I had been perfecting our Inglewood burger recipe for the menu and planned to serve it with fries but hadn’t begun recipe development yet. The week before the fair, I set to work on a rented deep fryer experimenting with the humble French fry. I had dabbled in the Lowell’s kitchen with a wedge-cut style fry cooked on the makeshift stovetop fryer we use there, but it wasn’t long before I realized that in order to truly perfect the golden crunchy exterior, fluffy soft interior fry of my dreams it was going to …

16_03_24_Green_Star_Farms-966 (1)

A Visit to Green Star Farm

It was a beautiful early spring day in rural, southern Sebastopol, and slowly driving down a long driveway there were chickens to my right and sheep to my left. The grassy fields were a lush, dark green. It was idyllic. At the end of the driveway I parked my car, got out, and took in the fresh, breezy air. After briefly taking in the scenery, I was warmly greeted by Marc Felton and shortly thereafter Sarah Silva, co-owners of Green Star Farm, a picturesque animal farm on 47 acres of pastureland that supplies eggs to us at Peter Lowell’s. The farm is divided among several sections of pasture, each housing a number of different animals, including chickens, hogs, goats and sheep. The chickens, numbering somewhere in the neighborhood of two thousand, are the heart of the operation. With about 400 to 500 per flock, the birds live in mobile coops that are frequently rotated from one section of pasture to another. Sarah and Marc mentioned that they’ve been making the transition from wooden to metal …


In Celebration of the Mighty Salmon

Salmon fishing in Bodega Bay has been slow this season. Really slow. It’s evident for us here in at Peter Lowell’s when the menu continues to feature Salmon from Alaska with the occasional appearance of Bodega Bay Salmon tartare with crème fraîche & dill. Friends that head north every summer to work the fishing boats in Alaska are also returning home with stories of lack – not as much fish means not as much fishing means not as much pay. A typical month of Salmon fishing in Alaska could garner $12,000 easily and crews are coming home with half of that.