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Lowell’s Everyday Pasta Dough

“Pasta work requires attention, focus and patience. A delicate touch can make a hard dough perfectly supple and pliable… I knead this morning’s dough onto the table, folding it into itself. Long ribbons of the golden dough billow from the machine as its gears creak with years of use. For just a moment I allow my mind to wander back to my time spent studying in Italy. During my adventures I found that fresh pasta is ubiquitous, a staple on almost every table. Traveling throughout the country one can find pasta of every shape and size, paired with its very own regional sauce and ingredients. This is what I love most about pasta, the diversity within this one dish is endless. From your basic dough recipe to the way that dough is worked gently and molded into shape, to the sauce it carries and the cheese you finish it with, no two pastas are exactly the same. From the most simple to the much more elaborate and avant garde, a bowl of pasta (and you …