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Rabbit Crépinettes with Peaches, Morels and Dill Mustard

This dish is a culmination of summer. Fresh rabbit from our friends at the Giving Gardens Project, peaches from Stony Gate Farm and earthy morels come together for a satisfying, deceptively light dish. Crépinettes are typically a sausage wrapped in what is known as caul fat (crépine in French). We use the caul fat in lieu of a more traditional hog casing. It provides moisture and keeps the sausage contained during cooking. Plus, the visual presentation is striking. Crépinettes can be filled with a myriad of different sausages and for this recipe I’ve chosen rabbit. We source our rabbit from Tyja and Sarah at the Giving Gardens Project in Sebastopol. They raise all their rabbits with great care and you can really taste it in the finished product. The peaches are from Mary Radu, who grows them on her family property, also in Sebastopol. And the morels were foraged by Dylan Taube, who just happens to be Tyja’s brother. Taking the time to source the best ingredients really makes a difference. The dish is brought together …