by Jesse Hom-Dawson

It all started in the spring of ’03. I, Lowell Sheldon, was cooking at a rustic Italian restaurant in Seattle when one evening after work and over a glass of wine, I started to bat around a crazy idea. I had just finished college and was planning to move home to Sebastopol. With dreams of starting my own restaurant, it was that evening I began to wonder if just maybe the time was right.

Opening our doors in October ’07, we are celebrating our 12th year of business. Together with a talented and seasonally-inspired team of chefs, we are at our core an expression of a passion for traditional Italian recipes and a desire to have a sustainable impact on Sonoma County. Lowell’s, a West Sonoma County restaurant, features only the finest organic ingredients available.

During the summer months, over 60 percent of our produce comes from our very own Two Belly Acres Farm. And a slightly off-kilter attitude towards business—one where people, animals, and the environment come before profits, where organic is a way of life, and where the highest quality cuisine is a top priority—is in keeping with our community’s standards.

So here we are, after many long nights of dreaming and many tireless days of building the business from the ground up. Please join us at Lowell’s in celebrating our friends, family, sustainability, and some of the most exciting new world cuisine this side of the Mississippi.

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