The West Sonoma County Field Guide

by Jesse Hom-Dawson

Officially named the West Sonoma County Field Guide, many lovingly refer to it as “the map.” As a tribute to our left coast, it opens left to right and features a custom-cut coastline. We highlight the restaurants, wineries, and other locally-owned businesses that approach their work with a similar philosophy to ours. They are small-scale, artisan, seasonal, organic or biodynamic, and community-enriching businesses that are worth supporting!

We’ll be blunt: it is very much a curated list. It’s an expression of our point of view, a treasure map to what we consider to be the “gold mines” around West Sonoma County. A precious and beautiful art piece with a touch of whimsy that is useful, but not overly so. And, of course, it’s promotional: a pure-hearted effort to generate more business for the folks who really care and have made a commitment to true sustainability.

These restaurants commit to local sourcing, seasonality, and organic ingredients. These wineries use organic and biodynamic practices, hand-harvest their grapes and make wine with minimal intervention. The wellness businesses also commit to sustainability, in their own unique ways. It is especially about a love for our community and a passion for furthering its potential to be a thriving example of collaboration and heartfelt care for people, animals, and the environment—in a way that tastes and feels good!

We feel so lucky to call West County home. We have perfect weather and geographic features that encourage an abundant artisan food, wine, and cannabis scene nourished by small, family-owned producers who are passionate about and committed to what they do. These projects  enhance the richness and depth of these recreational and tourist industries and provide true substance to our area. We are proud to highlight these people and businesses and encourage you to give them your support as well. Let’s help each other continue to push West County to grow in terms of self-sufficiency and innovation!

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Who’s Featured in the Guide?

Where Can I Find the Field Guide?

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